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kimberly shapps, JD LCSW

divorce, trauma, relationships​

3166 N. Lincoln Ave., Suite 211

Chicago, IL 60657


trauma and abuse counseling in chicago, counseling for women's issues


I am a licensed clinical social worker and former family law attorney. For over 10 years I have worked with individuals facing a range of issues that have impacted their ability to live fuller lives. Life presents us all with challenges, from expected life transitions to unforeseen crises. I work with clients to better understand life's problems, identify individual strengths and develop new coping skills to meet and exceed these challenges.

I take an eclectic approach to counseling, tailoring treatment methods to best meet each individual client's goals. For some clients an insight-oriented or psychodynamic approach works well. Others may benefit from a combination of relational or behavioral approaches, coupled with learning concrete skills for addressing issues. Still others find that a supportive and compassionate listener is what is needed to help them reach their own answers.

Regardless of which theoretical model is used, I place a great deal of emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and believe strongly in the importance of collaboration between client and therapist and empowerment of the individual. The foundation of my approach is client-centered and non-judgmental, and always comes from a place of support and compassion.

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