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kimberly shapps, JD LCSW

divorce, trauma, relationships​


Women tend to view themselves in the context of relationships, as a wife, partner, parent, daughter, friend, and worker. While these roles can bring great personal satisfaction through connection to others, maintaining relationships can also create emotional challenges. Many women struggle to balance their own needs with the needs of loved ones, and those required by the workplace. Life quickly becomes a balancing act where women are expected to juggle a wide range of roles and tasks every day.    


In my practice, I work with women to help them learn more effective ways to balance life's demands. Women who care for others --a spouse or partner, children, aging parents-- often neglect their own 



needs and forget to nurture themselves, placing them at greater risk for deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem, and feelings of resentment. Taking time to care for oneself reminds you and others that your needs are important too.Because of women's emphasis on relationships, conflict with others can cause emotional upheaval and disruption to one's sense of self and happiness. Relationship difficulties contribute to a host of emotional difficulties. Yet it is possible to learn effective skills and techniques that promote healthier relationships by learning to communicate one's rights, needs, and values.

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