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kimberly shapps, JD LCSW

divorce, trauma, relationships​

3166 N. Lincoln Ave., Suite 211

Chicago, IL 60657



I began my career as a practicing attorney representing women in abusive relationships in order of protection and divorce proceedings. As a therapist, I use my legal and therapeutic background to provide education, support, and guidance to clients prior to, during, and after divorce.  Divorce is a traumatic life event that can have a ripple effect on nearly every aspect of one's life. I offer clients both concrete help to better understand the legal system and what they might expect from the process, while also working to gain deeper insight into what happened in the relationship and start to heal from the experience.

I work to provide clients a safe space, away from the eyes of the court, to explore difficult feelings, start the healing process, and move forward toward independence.


Kimberly Shapps, JD LCSW, divorce counseling in Lincoln Park

 Areas clients have found helpful to explore during sessions include:

-Assessing whether to continue working on the relationship or make the difficult decision to divorce.

-Preparing for divorce before filing.

-Learning to better manage overwhelming emotions, including sadness, self-blame, anger, anxiety, shame and guilt.

-Addressing feelings of failure that can affect self-esteem

​-Grieving the loss of the marriage.

-Learning to recognize healthy relationships to avoid repeating unhealthy relationship patterns.

-Gaining practical advice about setting up a new household, managing isolation, co-parenting, and taking on new roles.

-Learning to practice self-care, become connected to one's individual talents and dreams, and strive to have a more fulfilling life.

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